District Road Bike Championship 2021


Organised on behalf of Teesside District by Stockton Wheelers CC on the T2352 course on Sunday 18th April 2021.

Men’s Champion Rob Carter Cleveland Wheelers CC
Women’s Champion Lauren Watson Team Boompods
Junior Champion Malachy Wicks Stockton Wheelers CC


Age Group Winners

Age Group Riders Name Club Time
15-19 Malachy Wicks Stockton Wheelers CC 58:54
20-24 No Qualifier    
25-29 Lauren Watson Team Boompods 1:00:35
30-34 Simon Robson Fietsen Tempo 57:28
35-39 Marcel Schubert Darlington Cycling Club 53:01
40-44 Robert Noble Cycleways 54:29
45-49 Rob Carter Cleveland Wheelers CC 53:00
50-54 Anthony Moy Cleveland Wheelers CC 1:04:19
55-59 Steven Tilly Cleveland Wheelers CC 1:10:;38
60-64 Steven Bell Fietsen Tempo 1:00:57
65-69 David Nichol Ferryhill Wheelers CC 1:04:07
70+ No Qualifier    

Team Competition

Team Members Time
Cleveland Wheelers CC Rob Carter, James Meadow & Dan Evans 3:02:02
Team Boompods Lauren Watson, Ellen McDermott & Hannah Farran 3:03:42
Stockton Wheelers CC Malachy Wicks, Owen Massey & Paul Sander 3:05:54


31Teesside riders entered the event, with all completing the course.

Thanks go to tStockton Wheelers and their support volunteers for promoting this event